Television & Radio Presenter and Journalist

As a television presenter I have worked across numerous genres from hard news, travel, shopping tv and documentaries. As a journalist I have worked as a 'live' studio anchor on Sky News, ITV News Meridian, Forces TV and the BBC, the toughest story I've ever covered was on Sky News the night Princess Diana died in Paris. As a field reporter, I've been responsible for arranging location interviews, pre-recorded, live and editing news packages.

Product presentation and being on-air for three hours at a time can be a challenge for any presenter, especially without autocue, but working at QVC for three years was terrific fun and kept the adrenaline going. I was also one of the original hosts on TV Travel Shop, the UK's first transactional travel channel. 


What do you present?

News, business, travel, documentaries, shopping telly, product presentations, live outside broadcasts. If you need a presenter for a live or recorded event then let's talk.

Can you use Autocue?

Yes. This might seem like a crazy question but many people have asked in the past whether I'm comfortable reading autocue, or as they call it in the US, the teleprompter. A good presenter will make it look simple, an inexperienced presenter can look like a scared rabbit in the headlights. Reading autocue is an art in itself and something I've mastered during my time in television.

Can you use an earpiece as a prompt?

Yes. This is a real art and something I've leart to do on many corporate filming assignments. When a camera mounted autocue is not available and a complicated script has to be delivered, then using an earpiece with the audio played back via a pocket recorder or mobile phone 'voice memo' is really effective. The trick here is to keep up with the recorded version! I'm also very comfortable with 'open talkback' when presenting, this is when the presenter can hear what is going on in the gallery.

Do you have experience of hosting events?

Yes. I have vast experience in facilitating and presenting at corporate events and conferences. I have hosted panel discussions in a question time format fielding discussion points and responses from contributors. Due to the recent circumstances and the way more of us are working remotely, I have frequently been asked to host remote events including networking, video conferencing and webinars.

Do you work in a LIVE environment?

Like most presenters, I much prefer the excitment of a live studio or location shoot, there is nothing quite like it. I have presented live news, demonstrations on shopping television, travel programmes and even live television continuity where having a cool head is very often required.

What are your rates?

My rates are fair and in line with the industry. Every project and budget is different and no job is too small. Rates can be negotiated and are always open for discussion. After all, I would rather work with you than not!

Are you a radio presenter?

Yes. This is where it all started. Whether it's music, news and features, talk radio or news reading I love the intimacy of radio. I continue to work for numerous commercial stations and the BBC.

"Glen is without doubt one of the most experienced presenters that I have worked with over the years, particularly in a corporate context.

He is able to grasp a subject quickly and present well on camera.

An added bonus is his ability to use the "earpiece" method, thereby negating the need of a prompt system, this is a extremely beneficial

on location."

Charles Marriott - Film & TV Director 

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Classic FM

"Glen is ultra reliable, he is a rock on whom you can depend.

He is creative and can be relied on to provide a first class job left to his own devices. His voice speaks for itself, I would work with him again in a heartbeat."

Paul Lavers - Actor & TV Presenter