Television, Radio Presenter and Journalist

As a television presenter I work across numerous genres from hard news, travel and documentaries. I've clocked up thousands of hours in a 'Live' TV and Radio environment. As a journalist I have worked as a studio anchor at Sky News and ITV News Meridian, where I've returned as a freelance correspondent. Other work includes Forces TV and the BBC. The toughest story I've covered was on the night Princess Diana died in Paris, I was on duty at Sky News when the world learned of her untimely death. As a field reporter, I am responsible for arranging location interviews, pre-recorded, live and editing news packages.

Product presentation and being on-air for three hours at a time can be a challenge for any presenter, especially without autocue, but working at QVC UK was great fun and kept the adrenaline going. I was also one of the original hosts on TV Travel Shop, the UK's first transactional travel channel. Radio works includes news reading for Global brands; LBC, Classic FM and Smooth Radio. I also work at BBC Radio Kent where I get the chance to return to my passion of programme presentation.

"Glen is without doubt one of the most experienced presenters that I have worked with over the years, particularly in a corporate context.

He is able to grasp a subject quickly and present well on camera.

An added bonus is his ability to use the "earpiece" method, thereby negating the need of a prompt system, this is a extremely beneficial

on location."

Charles Marriott - Film & TV Director 

"Glen is ultra reliable, he is a rock on whom you can depend.

He is creative and can be relied on to provide a first class job left to

his own devices. His voice speaks for itself, I would work with him again in a heartbeat."

Paul Lavers - Actor & TV Presenter


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Classic FM
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