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Television, Radio Presenter and Journalist

As a television presenter I work across numerous genres from hard news, travel and documentaries. I've clocked up thousands of hours in a 'Live' TV and Radio environment. As a journalist I have worked as a studio anchor at Sky News and ITV News Meridian, where I've returned as a freelance correspondent. Other work includes Forces TV and the BBC. The toughest story I've covered was on the night Princess Diana died in Paris, I was on duty at Sky News when the world learned of her untimely death. As a field reporter, I am responsible for arranging location interviews, pre-recorded, live and editing news packages.

Product presentation and being on-air for three hours at a time can be a challenge for any presenter, especially without autocue, but working at QVC UK was great fun and kept the adrenaline going. I was also one of the original hosts on TV Travel Shop, the UK's first transactional travel channel. Radio works includes news reading for Global brands; LBC, Classic FM and Smooth Radio. I also work at BBC Radio Kent where I get the chance to return to my passion of programme presentation.

  • What is your voice style?
    I can tailor my voice to fit your project delivering most types of script from hard corporate, medium to soft sell. No accent - in other words, Queens English or RP (Received Pronunciation) Age range - adult/senior.
  • What projects do you work on?
    If your project requires a voice, then I'd love to help you. Anything from commercials, promotions (trailers) for radio, tv, online, cinema, social media etc. E-learning content, audiobooks, narration, telephone 'on-hold' prompts, personal recorded voice-messages.
  • Do you have your own studio set-up?
    Like most professional voice-over artists these days, I have my own fully equiped studio and can work remotely. If you book my services, you can listen across the session via all of the familiar methods - Skype, phone-patch, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc - please ask when booking.
  • Will you travel for a voice-over session?
    Of course, if you would rather I attend a booking then travelling is not a problem. After all, before home studios became the norm, all voice-over talent had to travel, sometimes many hundreds of miles. It wasn't unusual to journey half way around the UK to record ads for local commercial radio.
  • Do you work in a LIVE environment?
    I've spent many years in 'live' television and radio working as a presenter, continuity announcer, news reader and as a track-side motor racing commentator. I thrive on working under pressure and to tight deadlines. If your event requires a LIVE announcer, presenter or a 'Voice of God' then let's talk!
  • What are your rates?
    My fees are fair and in line with the industry. Every project and budget is different and no job is too small. Rates can be negotiated and are always open for discussion. After all, I would rather work with you than not! Fees include one recording and one alteration/pickup session. Anything above this will incur an extra cost.
  • Will you record a demo version of my script?
    The usual answer to this would be no, however in some circumstances where a decision needs to be made on a number of different voice artists chasing the same job, then some of the script can be voiced. The normal process would be to record a few lines, this avoids unlawful usage of the full version.
  • Will you edit the audio file?
    Recorded audio will always be tidied up before being returned to the client. Many customers prefer the raw file so that they can add any compression, effects etc. If clients like completed audio to be 'de-breathed' - this can be discusssed when the session is booked.

"Glen is without doubt one of the most experienced presenters that I have worked with over the years, particularly in a corporate context.

He is able to grasp a subject quickly and present well on camera.

An added bonus is his ability to use the "earpiece" method, thereby negating the need of a prompt system, this is a extremely beneficial

on location."

Charles Marriott - Film & TV Director 

"Glen is ultra reliable, he is a rock on whom you can depend.

He is creative and can be relied on to provide a first class job left to

his own devices. His voice speaks for itself, I would work with him again in a heartbeat."

Paul Lavers - Actor & TV Presenter


Setting up to read the news at Classic FM
In Global's Newsroom for LBC
Classic FM
BBC Radio Kent
BBC Radio Kent
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