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Rodecaster Pro Mixer

If you've not come across this little piece of kit before, let me tell you how the Rodecaster Pro is a lifeline to anyone in the podcast and radio business. I purchased mine just before the pandemic kicked in and let me say it's been one of the most valuable assets to my home based studio. In addition to my usual work, I also run an online business radio station called Connections Radio (download the app and check it out)

This little mixer has been the perfect solution for recording remote interviews, doing LIVE shows and recording podcasts with numerous contributors. Designed and built by Rode - it contains all the essential ingredients to help you create anything in audio format from podcast production, to broadcasting LIVE on the radio. This really is a little mixer that packs a big punch! With four XLR mic inputs, four 1/4 inch jack headphone connections with separate volume controls (five if you include the 3.5mm mini jack on the front) bluetooth and USB connectivity and even a TTRS connector meaning you can input a separate stereo source and control the audio level via a fader. I personally use this input with my iPhone, perfect for audio via FaceTime, WhatsApp or just a standard phone call. Loudspeakers can be plugged in and they have a dedicated volume control. Onboard audio processing is by Aphex and includes everything from compression, limiting, high-pass filter, noise gate, de-esser for cutting down on sibilance and an aural exciter...steady! The mic channels are fab and come with presets, just plug your mic in, select the type and off you go, let's not forgot the mixer offers 48v phantom powering should your microphone require a little bit of electrical help. Also built-in is a 'mix-minus' feature for echo free phone/app calls. Each channel has it's own pre-fade meaning you can listen and preview any material before its recorded or goes to air. You can record straight into the mixer onto micro SD by hitting the big REC button or via USB connection to your computer and into your DAW (digital audio workstation) software. A really useful addition are the 8 programable 'trigger' pads - ideal for jingles, sound effects or pre-recorded content that you might want to play when recording or broadcasting a session. Simply drag and drop the material onto the pads using the Rode companion app. Overall, this is a great product from Rode, no fancy buttons or dials and so so simple to use. When you think of the features packed into this small unit, the price tag is very fair. Various packages are available, some include mics - the Rode Podmic sounds great by the way - cables, stands and more. The mixer on its own comes in at around £500, but in my mind it's money well spent.

Rodecaster Pro

Rodecaster Pro rear panel

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